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Postpartum Recovery
Guoyi Tang Confinement Centre Sdn. Bhd.

Guoyi Tang Confinement Centre was established in 2014 in Johor. Currently, it operates three major businesses: Guoyi Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine, Confinement Centre, and Swiftlet Nest Processing Factory. The team includes physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and professional therapists, with a cumulative outpatient visit count of over 100,000 and a team of approximately 60 people. Guoyi Tang has collaborated with BCB Group, Country Garden, and other partners such as NLC, Tengyue, Hantian Group, Alliance Bank, and more.

Guoyi Tang has achieved success in treating over 100 cases of infertility, collaborating with various local confinement centres to enhance medical consultations and wholesale distribution of traditional Chinese medicine. In modern society, many young mothers are increasingly valuing postpartum recovery. However, due to a lack of knowledge about traditional postpartum care, aging parents, or being away from home, many young women struggle to receive proper care after giving birth.

Our apartment-style confinement centre occupies an entire floor with 12 units, including 17 luxurious suites. Each room has windows, and VIP suites have balconies, providing a home-like experience for a 28-40 day confinement period.