GUOYI TANG was founded in Johor in 2014. It currently has three major businesses: GUOYI TANG Traditional Chinese Medicine, Confinement Care Center, and Bird's Nest Processing Factory. The team includes doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and professional therapists. The cumulative number of outpatient visits has reached 100,000, the team size is about 60 people. GUOYI TANG cooperates with BCB Group, Country Garden, etc., as well as designated medical insurance units such as Xinhualian, Tengyue, Haitian Group, and Alliance bank.

Comfortable environment

Comfortable confinement environment

Experience 28 to 40 days of confinement care in an environment similar to your own home. Our apartment-style confinement center consists of 12 units on an entire floor, including 17 luxurious suites. Each room has windows, and VIP suites have balconies.

Professional Care

Professional Confinement Care

GUOYI TANG offers comprehensive medical services and care by doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and professional therapists, ensuring you receive the most professional support during your confinement period.

High-quality meals

Nutrient-rich confinement meals

At our confinement care center, dietary preparation are meticulously made. We carefully prepare and provide high-quality confinement meals to meet all nutritional needs of mothers.